My approach to teaching music and drumming is student-focused and holistic. My goal as a teacher is to equip students with the tools necessary to help them accomplish their own musical goals. Whether you are an experienced musician, a weekend warrior, a student, or an adult picking up an instrument for the first time, I am confident that I can equip you to do whatever it is that you want to do, and I will always make your goals the focus of our study.  

I believe every drummer needs a basic understanding of proper, healthy hand & foot technique and a working knowledge of rhythm in music. I believe that music is very much like a language. We hear and "speak" it (play it), we read it, and we write it. Study of these three aspects is essential to becoming a well-rounded musician who plays drums. All of my students spend time with a practice pad working on healthy and relaxed hand technique. This will allow you to play the fast and intricate things that you want, will increase your stamina, and help you avoid injury. My students also spend time learning about pulse and meter, and learning to read and write rhythms. These skills are INVALUABLE and ESSENTIAL to any drummer at any point in their development.  

Lessons are taught primarily at my Midtown studio space, "The Music Building", via Skype, house calls in Manhattan, and are available for competitive rates and at times that suit your schedule. 

Please contact me for rates and availability.